Mini-Grid Business Model Assessment and Innovation

Partner: Steinbeis Impact
Period: 2017
Sector: Solar PV Mini-Grids
Geography: Tanzania


The African Development Bank enlisted endeva and Steinbeis Impact to provide recommendations to a mini-grid company that was awarded grant financing from the Bank.

AV was contracted by Steinbeis Impact to support several components of the assignment, including: a review of the company's tariff schedule; an assessment of the company's pilot site operations, and; the prototyping and cash flow modelling of five innovation opportunities at the ag-energy-food nexus.

The company's leadership and its Board considered the assessment and recommendations in planning for their expansion phase.

Energy Access Investment Fund Support

Client: African Development Bank
Period: 2016 - 2017
Sector: Off-Grid Solar
Geography: Sub-Saharan Africa


This assignment was arranged as an individual consultant contract with the AfDB.

A project team at the African Development Bank had identified an opportunity to create a novel, USD 100 million debt investment fund supporting Africa's expanding energy access sector. The fund was conceptualized to facilitate the growth of Solar Home Systems distributors employing Pay-As-You-Go payment models.

Rahul supported the project task team during the initial stages of the project appraisal cycle. Activities included: authoring the internal Project Concept Note; creating an indicative financial and impact model for the fund; managing the solicitation, evaluation, and selection of an external fund manager; authoring internal memos, and; drafting funding proposals to key partners.

The Board of the AfDB approved a USD 30 million investment in the Off-Grid Energy Access Fund in December 2017.

Impact Venture Concept Assessment

Client: DIVA Ventures
Period: 2016
Sector: Multi-Sector
Geography: Global


DIVA Ventures was pioneering a novel approach to convening  multinational corporations (MNCs) in the development of global impact ventures.

AV was contracted by DIVA to develop an Impact Venture Concept Assessment Framework, meant to: 1) enable the rapid assessment of early stage venture concepts, and; 2) provide a basis for concept development discussions with MNC executives.

A prototype framework was developed and iteratively tested with three MNC partners, and later included in DIVA's core workflow.

Mini-Grid Innovation Funding

Client: Devergy
Period: 2014 - 2017
Sector: Mini-Grids
Geography: Tanzania


As an early stage social enterprise, Devergy required flexible, project-based support for the development of grant and innovation funding proposals. 

AV was retained by Devergy to lead the acquisition of grants and other innovation funding. Activities included: the identification of funding opportunities; the definition of internal innovation project designs and plans; the creation of innovation partnerships, and; the authoring of proposals for innovation funding.

The collaboration resulted in approximately USD 2.5 million of innovation funding awarded to Devergy.