Lessons Learned in Distributed Infrastructure Investments

Partner: Steinbeis Impact
Period: 2018
Sector: Multi-Sector
Geographies: Confidential


A publicly-supported investment fund has enlisted Steinbeis Impact to review a number of distributed infrastructure transactions in its portfolio. The assignment requests an analysis of key investment lessons learned, opportunities for international replication, and considerations for the execution of similar transactions in the future.

AV is supporting several components of the assignment, including: methodology development; investee analysis and review; new country-market analysis, and; report writing.

Energy Access Market Information

Partner: Carbon Africa
Period: 2017 - Present
Sectors: Off-Grid Solar, Solar PV Mini-Grids, Hydro Mini-Grids
Geographies: Zambia, SADC


The Africa-EU Renewable Energy Cooperation Programme (RECP) enlisted Carbon Africa and GOPA-intec to support the "Market Information and Project Scouting" assignment, aimed at creating market knowledge for energy access entrepreneurs and investors in sub-Saharan Africa. The project includes deep dives in Zambia, Uganda, Rwanda, Senegal, and Mozambique.

AV is leading activities in Zambia and supporting the analyses of additional markets in the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

View market briefings created for Botswana, Madagascar, Mozambique, Zambia, and Zimbabwe here. Additional project outputs are under development and review.

Clean Cooking Finance Research

Client: Climate Policy Initiative
Period: 2017
Sectors: Clean Cooking
Geographies: Global


SEforALL enlisted the Climate Policy Initiative to support its first-of-a-kind research series on finance in energy access, Energizing FinanceCPI lent its expertise in analyzing global financial flows to the development of SEforALL's "Understanding the Landscape" publication.

AV was contracted by CPI to develop and support the analysis of global financial flows in clean cooking. The analysis delineated a substantial shortfall in finance supporting the sector.

View the final report here.

Off-Grid Solar Financing Research

Partner: Catalyst Off-Grid Advisors
Period: 2017
Sectors: Off-Grid Solar, Solar PV Mini-Grids
Geography: Global


The Shell Foundation enlisted Catalyst Off-Grid Advisors to estimate the quantum and blend of financing required to achieve SDG 7 in sub-Saharan Africa by 2030.

AV supported Catalyst in providing inputs to the methodology, mraket data, market sizing, and key messages of the analysis. 

View the final report here.

Off-Grid Solar Market and Investment Assessment

Partner: Steinbeis Impact
Period: 2016
Sectors: Off-Grid Solar, Solar PV Mini-Grids
Geography: Tanzania


InfraCo Africa enlisted Steinbeis Impact to provide recommendations for two investment opportunities under consideration in Tanzania's off-grid solar market.

AV was contracted by Steinbeis Impact to support several components of the assignment, including: the implementation and analysis of an 800 data point, countrywide survey; sizing and analysis of the TZ off-grid solar market; competitive landscaping for each potential investee, and; assessments of the long-run financial models of each potential investee.

InfraCo Africa considered the team's market assessment and investment recommendations during their analysis of the potential transactions.